What is this blog about?

Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting devoteegirls.wordpress.com. The main content of this blog is written in german Language because I live in Germany and almost all readers of this site understand German.

Many of my posts describe existing websites and blogs about people with a disability. Sometimes I make illustrations or just show my opinions.

Devoteegirls is a blog for girls and women who are fascinated by boys and men with physical disability. Especially wheelchair users, men with crutches or canes, men with cast and amputee.

Devotee girls and devotee women are usually peaceful people. Our sexuality is an important part of our personality but it is not everything we are. We have our families, children, friends, jobs and hobbies. We are people, just like you are.

You have some questions about this Blog?
Feel free to send me a note:

solnischko at(@) macnews point(.) de

2 Antworten to “English!”

  1. Dave Says:

    I have apeared on the Orthotorium web site several times. I wear long leg braces as well as prosthetic hooks. I am interested in contacting female devotees to chat and discuss devotee issues. Look on Orthotorium, October 2006, Folsom Street Fair photos. I am pictured in my long leg leather and steel leg braces as well as hooks.

  2. lance John Says:

    I have a high spinal cord injury (c-5), but I can walk with a severe limp. I have always been an athlete and even now with so much damage done to my body I am much more active that most. I work for an organization that specializes in adaptive sports and outdoor activities. (Cooperative Wilderness and Handicapped Outdoor Group, or CW HOG) I have dated several devotees in the last year, and it seems like they are more interested in taking care of me rather than joining me in all the things life has to offer. I don’t want to be taken care of. I want to find someone who is as outgoing as me. Is there anyone out there in Europe like that? Cause I can’t find anyone in America, Lol, lance21john@yahoo.com.

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